Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

Oh dear, I definitely missed my deadline for updating this blog.  However, I have made some progress in the direction I want to take as far as the bead journal project is concerned.  I am going to make a cell phone holder/necklace each month. Yes, I like functional art!  I'm sure my theme will vary as the year rolls on. Right now I'm working on my fourth incarnation of the first phone holder.  January's theme is the dismal grey after the bright lights of December, set off by surprising hits of garnet red to symbolize the berries that were still clinging to trees and bushes at the beginning of the month.  Alas, most have been eaten or fallen to the ground now, but the idea is still there. 

Of course, my reference to "garnets" is the fact that this lovely jewel is the birthstone for January.  I love my limited, but treasured jewelry collection.  Although it isn't worth a great deal in monetary terms, the memories that are attached to the these treasures are priceless to me.  Do you still have a peace sign from the 60's in your collection? I do!  It is still as pretty as the day I got it and evokes childhood memories of those radical and exciting times.

Also, I have added a few photos of past projects that I've done...now covering parts of this blog.  I will update these and add to them as I learn how to hook my old digital camera into a newer computer so that I can share new my new projects with you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and relatives still waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones.  I rejoice and give thanks for the fact that Dr. J. Wesley Alexander, and his lovely wife, Maureen, are okay and have returned to Miami, Florida after a frightening week in Haiti.  While volunteering in a medial mission Kings Hospital and Kings Orphanage last week, there were a couple of days when we didn't know what this couple were facing.  Friday morning I learned that although they were very tired, they were unhurt and working hard to help at the hospital and orphanage which is about ten miles outside Port au Prince (that is my understanding of the location anyway).  I worked for this wonderful transplant surgeon for twelve years and I know how lucky the Kings' organization was to have him present to help when the quake hit.  Maureen is a lovely person and I'm sure she was a great comfort to the children during this very disturbing time. Welcome home you two.  I am thankful you are back in the States and pray that the nightmares you endured can be managed and healed once you are safely reunited with family and friends. 

For those of you still waiting for news about your loved ones, I will pray that good news also finds it way to you.


Handpainted skirt has a diameter of 14".